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Mastermind Group Coaching

Coaching Section:
What is coaching?
  • Coaching is a Process that helps other business People become the best that they can be.
  • A coach provides encouragement, support and helps to develop the resources necessary to achieve Goals. A Coach helps to draw out the Champion within You.
  • Coaching Provides Accountability: Between Yourself and Your Coach; Between Your Dreams and Your Goals

The History of Coaching: Celebrities Have Had Coaches
Examples: Wayne Gretzky has had his Dad Walter Gretzky when he was quite young
  1. Terry Fox
  2. Mohammed Ali
  3. George Burns had Gracie
  4. Tiger Woods had his Dads Coaching
  5. Rick Hansen was inspired by Terry Fox

Why Have A Coach?
The Basic Question to Ask is: If you kept proceeding in the same manner and direction by yourself would You Achieve Your Goals? If the Answer is NO Then Having a Coach would provide the insight with Enthusiasm to Reach Your Goals

Benefits of Having a Coach
  • A Coach helps people in looking at their problem with a different perspective that would invite a positive Growth in their lives.
  • With a coach your intentions can become a reality.
  • You are reminded of your goals and will develop a partnership with your Coach to obtain Strategies to reach your goals.

Qualities of a Great Coach:
  • Provides strategies to assist with reaching your Goals and Objectives.
  • Discovers Possibilities to achieve your goals with Ease and Simplicity.
  • Focuses on Solutions vs. Problems, and helps you see the you that you want to become vs. the you that you see now.
  • Assists you In seeing Perspectives that you didn’t consider before.
  • Your Own Personal Cheer Leader cheering you on the Journey to Success with Passion and Enthusiasm as if they were His /Her Own Goals.
  • Deep Listening and Empathy Skills.

Your Master Mind Coach

Your Master Mind Coach is Joe Groh
Joe Groh has been involved in the Business world for the last 30 years He has achieved Success in the /direct Sales Industry Selling Health and Kitchen and dining items for the Consumer. Joe is a Certified Coaching Practitioner with Certified Coach’s Federation

He has received numerous awards including #1Salesperson with an International Company. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to being Healthy. He has started 4 small groups when none existed. He also leads Iron Men Ministries

His Expertise Includes but not limited to:
  1. Prospecting for Clients
  2. How to Set Goals and surpass them.
  3. How to use Humour in everyday Life and to assist with your Business Relationships
  4. The art of Negotiating
  5. How to find the best deal when making a High End Purchase.
  6. The Art of Listening
  7. How to develop your Public Speaking skills
  8. How to Overcome Obstacles
  9. How to handle conflicts
  10. How to increase your confidence and self Image
  11. How to Market yourself and your business through Seminars
  12. How to Increase your Likeability
  13. How to Lose Weight
  14. How to deal effectively with stress
  15. How to deal with difficult People
  16. How to find your passion and Purpose for your life
  17. How to do what you Love to do.

Coaching Sessions:
  • Coaching Sessions last one hour by Phone
  • Sessions are $75.00 per hour Sessions can be scheduled from 1- 4 times per month
  • Special Discounts are given for 6 Month or Year packages

Is Coaching for Everyone?
No the person receiving the coaching needs to have a humble attitude that believes they do no know it all and are at a point in their life that they know that they require the assistance of a Mentor to provide support in achieving their Goals

The client must be willing to try new Ideas and be willing to be uncomfortable with new approaches since Growth will occur when we are stretched beyond our comfort Zone

Client Questionnaire:
You are invited to fill out a Master Mind Coaching Client Questionnaire so that we can determine if and how we can assist your Personal and Business Growth

Personal Information
Full Name
Email Address
Contact Address
Master Mind Coaching Client Questionnaire
What are 3 of your greatest strengths?
What are you most excited about now?
What are you looking forward to?
What’s one way to get more energy in your life?
If your relationship were ideal what would need to be different?
What would be your ideal career if you could do anything?
What’s one thing that you could do to give yourself more peace?
What is your life really about? What is your purpose?
What would you like to most acknowledged for so far in your life?
What areas of your life would you like to improve?
Other. If any
Click here to download Master Mind Coaching Client Agreement
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